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We couldn’t find that page.
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This webservers is CaSe SenSiTiVe so ensure capital letters in the URL match the files uploaded.
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(This problem has happened to 2 of my websites before. It always occurs after connecting my site to cloudflare and using the flexible ssl certificate they provide. I would like to know why this problem happens and how can I fix it.)

We see this issue more commonly with people who use Cloudflare. The issue almost always is that the DNS records in Cloudflare are not correct, and the domain name points to an IP address owned by us, but which isn’t actually currently hosting your domain.

Please carefully check which hosting account currently hosts the domain, and find the Website IP of that account. Then, ensure that the DNS records in Cloudflare point your domain to the website IP of that account, and nowhere else.


Alright thanks a lot, i’ll be sure to check that.

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