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404! We couldn’t find that page. Please check to make sure you’ve typed the URL correctly.

I deleted old files and upload new files one day before and now , when I try to open my page, I get this message. Maybe it takes some time to upload new files? And how to know how long to wait or how to see process whats going on?

I checked your account and I see you’ve deleted the htdocs folder and uploaded your files directly to the root folder of your account. This will not work, because the server looks for a folder with the name htdocs to serve your website.

So please delete the loose files and create a folder with the name htdocs. Then, upload your website files to that folder.


htdocs. or htdocs With o without dot?

htdocs like that


@Sigitas The contact button on your website isnt working, i just wanted to report you that.

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@adajfe Thank for visit my site. It is just experiment , because I am newbee in programming and hosting. I still need to learn lot of things. Button shouldn’t do anything :wink: it just for fun. But what doesn’t work like should work, it’s video and I don’t know why? Because on my local server, works everything alright. :thinking:

Thank you so much. It’s works, except video. On my local server video works alright, here - no.

upload it on youtube and then paste the link on your website, because i think infinityfree dont allow videos

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