404 We couldn't find that page

I have 3 adresses:
and all of these worked fine , meanwhile I dont make any changes but yesterday i noticed that dont work
i receive 404! we couldnt find that page.
i can acces to control panel and all files are there.
Please help me.

Do all of the websites have a index.html or indexx.php file?

srdjan.cf and srdjan.ga are html eskola.g a is joomla website

srdjan.ga is simple html website, just one page index.html , no js

Weird?! Someone else also has similar problem. It looks that’s a temporary issue.


I hope so, everything worked fine and meanwhile I dont make any changes.

I seem to also have this problem. Yesterday, all my sites were working fine and now today I get the 404 Error.

Seems like an issue currently going on.

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Same thing is happening with my site also. I tried shifting my host but nothing happened.
What can I do?

Yes it fixed, Thank You!

The 404 error could be caused by a storage issue in the hosting cluster (not entirely unlikely given the FTP issues we’ve seen). But it seems to be fine, at least for now.


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