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The message says it’s 404 page not found, i’ve tryied everything, i did the htacess method, i check to see if the codes were damaged or wrong, i’ve checked the buttons and everything it’s linked, but everytime i try to access the dark mode i’ve made, that i’ts another page, i get this error message, inside the own files too, please help me, i’m trying to release this site for months, and just now i had time to continue with it

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All my pages are linked to each other, how they should be in dreamweaver, i fixed, and fixed, and this is my worst error message that i can’t pass through

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Make sure you have uploaded all of the files and that all of your links are correct.

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they are, i’ve checked thousend times, if you can access the page you will see on the left bottom of the browser the page name showing off, the only pages i’ve made till now its the index,darkindex,furdarkhome,furdarkgameplay,furdarkgameplays,furdarkgre7 and furdarkout2, only the ones i had access before, but now it’s not finding the indexdark.html

That page shows a blank screen with a grey background. Can you try clearing your cache?

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i’ve already did it, and nothing, still going to 404

There’s is another annoying error, i menage to load the dark index page, but all of them are using the wrong script, the older scritp, even if the htdocs files are just the necessary, and nothing more, the gameplay tab it’s with the old script, there is a way to restore evrything from the zero ?

Again, that is going to be a cache issue. To restart, just delete everything in the /htdocs folder, then clear your cache.

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I already deleted everything, and still the same old cold saved, that’s too weird, because there’s nothing anymore than the necessary files in the htdocs, if you can enter in the site to check by yourself, you maybe have more information that I don’t know, because I’m new in webdesign, there’s another cache page that i’m missing ?

There are two images (i could not send the other one, but this you can see for yourself), the complete one is the new one, with new scripts, links, and fixed rollover images, the other one where there’s nothing more than just the table, it’s the old one, with old scripts and problematic, all the original files are ok, but this continues to use the old ones, and i’ve erased evrything from the folder called cache

  1. The “CSS” folder does not exist
  2. spaces cannot be in filenames unless you know how to account for them (and your code does not)
  3. The “OFICINA INDEX” folder does not exist (And remove the space unless you are going to account for it)

i created now the css folder, and upload again all the files, but i don’t understand the “spaces”, the original names don’t have this, just the title
there is the list of html’s, and css are in one folder that i created now

Below is a partial screenshot of your source code. Highlighted are examples of missing files, and files with spaces in their names.


This is what I see

Files are missing. Make sure paths and filenames match


this iswhat i told, the server it’s loading the older versions of the html’s, the new code has evryting new, the css and the html’s, the path with spaces are local folders not htdocs folders, I have to change the name in the code to htdocs ?, because if i do that in dreamweaver the code will miss the file on the original html, i erased evrything from the cache, and htdocs folder and outside, but the server still loads the old ones

Guess you have to wait for admin…

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i think admin only appears when you are premium…to give personal help

btw thanks to everyone that tried to help me,…i’m still with this problem, and still don’t know how to solve this, since no one representing the infinity came to help me with this problem, i think it’s just because i’m not premium…but thanks everyone

No, admin will come online two times a day. He will help everyone, not only for premium.

yes but i need a solution tha will work 100% of the time, because the server its loading the old files only even if i updated them

I checked your website and I get the broken page with the missing files as well. I’ve never checked the website before, and I’m checking it in a Private Browsing window, so there is no cache of any kind.

The reason the page is broken is because the entire folder OFICINA INDEX, which holds all the images, is missing. You can find that directory everywhere in the code, but if you check the file manager, you’ll see it’s not there. Please upload that folder to your website.

Looking at the file names, I see some accents on some of the letters. Non-ASCII characters can also result in “fun” errors. So I generally prefer to only use URL safe characters (letters, numbers, dashes and underscores) and use only lowercase letters to avoid any case sensitivity issues.