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I created a new website https://himawanportofolio.epizy.com/ and i have uploaded my file. But when i open the link, it show 404 page not found. I’m pretty sure that i’m following the same way like what i did in the past, because i have used infinityfree hosting before and it works in the past. Where did i mess up?

It looks like you have installed some software on your site, and the software is returning an error. Can you let me know what is running your site?


Does framework and template count as software? I’m using codeigniter and this template from Start Bootstrap
Edit: after i check the properties of htdocs files, it says all files contained within is only 4kB, meanwhile my original file is around 12,5 MB. Maybe when i tried to upload my files with filezilla, it is not 100% complete. I will try deleting all file and then upload and unzip manually in online filemanager.

Yes, that counts as software. I recognized the error page as CodeIgniter, but it matters whether this is a prebuilt application built with CodeIgniter or something you built yourself.

I’m not too familiar with CodeIgniter myself, but if you see a 404 error I would guess there is some sort of base URL setting in CodeIgniter that you need to setup.

FTP doesn’t show the file size of directories correctly. It only shows the size of the directory itself (which is always 4 kB), not the contents of the direcdtory.

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I found the problem and it turns out to be trivial problem. Its because the name of controller in my CI and the class name start with lowercase. I just found out in documentation that, for controller, class name must start with uppercase letter. Second, when i open the link with https, it will not work for unknown reason. It must be opened with http, so the link is supposed to be http://himawanportofolio.epizy.com/.
Thank you for the help.

Probably because you don have an SSL certificate. See app.infinityfree.net/ssls

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