404 Page not found

**My website URL is:**recess.ga

**What I’m seeing is:**I am getting the 404 Page Not Found error on opening my website.

**I’m using this software:**I haven’t used any software.

**Additional information:**I have uploaded all the files and rechecked the file directories and all seem right but for some reason I am get this error and Even if i try to open a file directly in the url say recess.ga/Project/chart.html still i get the error.All the files are uploaded in htdocs folder. Someone please help me out here.

Their is some internal error. Please remove your domain and re add in cPanel again. It might works

I have checked your account and it looks like you deleted the folder linked to your domain name.

If you add a domain as an Addon Domain to your account, it will get it’s own website folder, seperate from the main htdocs folder. And if the folder for a particular domain name does not exist, you will see 404 errors.

Removing and adding the domain again should add the missing directory. Alternatively, you may try to recreate it yourself: create a directory recess.ga in the main directory of your account and a folder called htdocs within the recess.ga directory. That’s the folder where you should upload your website files.

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