404 not found issue

Username ( epiz_32125432 ) and my website is https://ytsalez.epizy.com

(iam asking about my website)

when i open my website its showing 404 not found The page you were looking for could not be found!
and the links shows like 404 Not Found - InfinityFree

i didnt changed anything or i didnt edited anything from cpanel,and i have no knowledge on how to rectify this issue please help me out.

it’s a 500 error


Remove the Links from the Error Pages Settings then turn on Errors Displaying

Alter PHP Config:


firtly thank you for your reply, i tried the same method as you shown above but unfortunately its cant work for me, it still showing the same.

idk if I’m wrong, but it seems that(I’m not sure, don’t be mad at me if I’m wrong here) websites on the IP are having the issue(including mine)


is that error got solved automatically or is their any way to do the same.

Sorry, but I’m not sure about this.

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Is your website running perfectly now? you said that you also facing the same issue with your website.

Nope, it’s not. I haven’t touched the files for like 2 months already. I’ve almost forgotten about that website. I saw 2 other topics are having the same issue as you so I checked mine.

Ah, wait. It seems to be working now. kinda
the edit button was not here for some reason
sign its back here now.

its down again, now 502, now seems to be ok again


now its error establishing a database connection lol whats happening to my site

Well, at least its not 500

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it works now


It might come back soon.
I still think it’s some kind of outage.
cuz technically you did nothing and it’s back somehow.

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yes, anyway thank you for being with me bro

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seems to be down again??
nvm, its not. but looks unstable

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