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whenever i tried to navigate to another page or reload webpage it throws 404 error

Welcome Back!

All the links appear to be working for me. Try clearing your cache.


done this whever i try to reload it throws error i checked the console it is blocking gtag (google analytics tag script) and also i am using ingognito mode to test website but same issue

When I open the home page, the page just works. But the website is clearly running some kind of Javascript SPA.

When I click the buttons in the menu, it works too, but that’s because the browser is still running on the page from the landing page, and is using Javascript to update the URL in the address bar.

But when you try to visit the URL https://aquatraderzone.great-site.net/Contact, the server will look for a file or folder called Contact, cannot find it, and return a 404 error.

To make the direct URL work, you’ll need to configure the server so it loads the index.html of your website for these URLs. You can do that with .htaccess rules, like these:


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