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i am getting 404 error after the second page

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HI commnity. even though the data i am entering is going to teh database i am getting a 404 error. please can someone check and tell me? you can talk to me on PII REMOVED BY MOD if u want my code or something

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For me your website works fine, even the second page and the form’s page. Maybe clear your browser cache?


after cliclking on the submit button on the 2nd page are u getting 404 error or somthig else

Wait, I’m going to submit the form with test data. If you notice something that goes by the lines of test and email [email protected] on your email that’s me. I’ll tell you the outcome when I submit it (though accessing the page the form POSTs to works).

UPDATE: Submitting the first form works and brings me to seats.html. Is that what you wanted the form to redirect to?
UPDATE 2: Submitting the second form though gives me a 404. Wait, I’m gonna check what the form is pointing to.
UPDATE 3: booking_details.php is the file that throws a 404. Make sure you upload it correctly in your htdocs folder, or check its file size as if it’s greater than 1 MB it’ll be deleted.


thanks alottt


just checking that up

you literaly helped me alot…i forgot to rename that file. thank you so muchhh. it would really be great to talk to u


I’m glad to help you out! :smile:


but now its getting stuck on the process_reservation.php page althogh i put the header to index.html

Seems like the request details aren’t getting sent through and that file is throwing an empty page though it isn’t a HTTP ERROR 500… Try to check that PHP file to see if something is wrong.


can you give your email i will send u my code

I’m going to move to DMs; there I’ll send you my email so you can send me the code.

For who was wondering, I eventually solved it fully through DMs.


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