404 Error

Can you share the URL of the page(s) where the error appears.

I see this code for your getting started link, but it is not linked to anything (You forgot the href attribute)

<a class="pagelayer-btn-holder pagelayer-ele-link pagelayer-btn-custom pagelayer-btn-custom pagelayer-btn-icon-right">
   <i class="fas fa-arrow-right pagelayer-btn-icon"></i>
<span class="pagelayer-btn-text">Get started</span>
   <i class="fas fa-arrow-right pagelayer-btn-icon"></i>

Note that a 404 means that the page was not found. So make sure that everything is uploaded in the right spot, and the filenames are correct.

Also, please make sure that you are following the terms an conditions. I am not sure if you are in violation or not, but it is a good idea to look them over.