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When i was at the main menu, it all works, but when i go to another page it showed that message.
I thought, maybe delete all those pages, cause maybe it didnt work cause i just made ssl. I did that btw cause i couldnt reach the site cause it didnt respont. When i was done deleting the other pages, i tried to make new pages and it said: your probably offline. I was not online, neither was my friend that also was trying to make pages.
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Can you share the URL of the page(s) where the error appears.

I see this code for your getting started link, but it is not linked to anything (You forgot the href attribute)

<a class="pagelayer-btn-holder pagelayer-ele-link pagelayer-btn-custom pagelayer-btn-custom pagelayer-btn-icon-right">
   <i class="fas fa-arrow-right pagelayer-btn-icon"></i>
<span class="pagelayer-btn-text">Get started</span>
   <i class="fas fa-arrow-right pagelayer-btn-icon"></i>

Note that a 404 means that the page was not found. So make sure that everything is uploaded in the right spot, and the filenames are correct.

Also, please make sure that you are following the terms an conditions. I am not sure if you are in violation or not, but it is a good idea to look them over.


I dont have other pages, i dont understand what you mean. as i said, i deleted every page, but i cant make a new one

Wait, so then where are you getting the 404 error?

You said that…

So you only have one page? If that is the case, then a 404 error showing on non-existent pages is the correct behavior.

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I was getting that 404 message there, but as i said, i deleted all those pages, cause i thought maybe it was the page. I tried to remake those pages, but when i clicked update, it gave an error saying your probably offline. But i wasnt offline and my friend tried it and he wasnt online aswell

Can you screenshot this error?

I wont get a 404 message on the main page, that page works fine.

I am not understanding what is going on.

If you deleted every page except for the home page, then every page is going to display a 404 error except for the home page.

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Noo, ok
i got the 404 error - i deleted all pages except for the home page - i cant create more pages

Now, i dont see 404 error, i cant make any pages.

So, my problem is, i cant make a page.

Here you have the error

This may help


Thx ill try

I can now make pages, but i still get 404 error. Namogifts.ml and click on hello

Check this out

This is what I see


You have a redirect that is causing 404


sorry, i do not understand what to do, i read it and now im confused

KangJL is saying that your page is redirecting to another page causing a 404.

How do i redirect it differnt, i just make a page and put it someone in appearence.
If i search the irl it will also give me the 404 message

It means the page does not exist. You need to upload it, and make sure it has the correct name.


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