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I cant reach my website on the internet http://fotokzg.epizy.com
User name: epiz_17286817
(IP Address

I can reach mysql databases and file manager with the control panel/ or with an FTP program - but the website show only HTTP ERROR 404. (I could download my files, and export the databases too - so they are there… )

Hello there,

Your site does not show an Error 404 here on my end:

So please try clearing your browser cache
However it is only a white page, I guess you’re still working on it:

Annotation 2020-07-22 052451


that is what i see…

Mine too.

Could you try to remove the subdomain (epizy.com) and add or make it back?

doesn’t console show anything? (press F12)

This is the only thing it shows:

For the record it shows 404 in Console

Not Found

Please check that you have properly configured your .htaccess, as it may be messing something up, also IF your page uses PHP, it shouldn’t be a .html, Your index.php is sometimes working? It worked once but IDK.

Basically check your .htaccess for 404 rewrites.

Opening something other than a PHP script seems to work fine: http://fotokzg.epizy.com/CHANGELOG.txt

So my money is on the 404 error being returned by an issue in your Drupal site. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about Drupal to say why that might happen.

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Thanks for advice! It seems it is a drupal error… - other (non drupal) html and php files run correctly now…

Correction: not all the php files works… just some of them…
i try to reset the whole page, and build up again… maybe…
(It was worked before for years… i didnt made any big changes on it. The files are good as i see.)

We did upgrade from PHP 7.3 to 7.4 recently. So if your website didn’t or doesn’t support PHP 7.4, that may be causing some issues.

What sort of things are not working right now?


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