404 error we couldn't find the page

done every thing got on internet …
cache cleared
device changed
…please help…!!!

Hello there and Welcome to the forum!

Did you install WordPress via Softaculous or via FTP?
If you installed it via Softaculous then make sure to leave the “In Directory” field blank so that your WordPress site will be installed on your root domain.

If you installed it via FTP, make sure you uploaded the files in the /htdocs folder.

If you’ve created your site under 72 hours, then please read this article:

yes it was blank …infact website wass online nearly for 3 to 4 days with few post and i got the error this morning

no it is way older then 72 hours

I’m not sure but this might be a temporary issue. Could you provide a screenshot of your files in your /htdocs folder?

Your website is working fine now. Do you still see this issue?

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