404 error on my page



How can i fix this?

It appears you are trying to host a version of MOFH. For that, it cannot be registered in InfinityFree at the same time, it has to be independent of any webhost of MOFH.

The way MOFH works is by taking the domain and hosting it independently in Byet servers. Try removing all nameservers and disconnect InfinityFree from your domain, go to the MOFH main page and register there.

For me your website works fine and shows InfinityFree’s default page. Try to clear your browser cache and/or DNS cache.

@Fyhrer, this doesn’t help at all. He was seeing that page because of either browser cache or DNS cache, and not because he was trying to use MOFH to host a website whereas it offers services for free reseller hosting (and not free website hosting, which is what the MOFH resellers like us, this pronoun referred to InfinityFree, resell). Go inform yourself first before you comment about something useless for once.


Its registered with name.com, but hosted here on InfinityFree.

I cleared by browser cache, it didnt fix anything. It shows the default page, but not my own html page i made myself.

Now you only need to rename the file you want to show as main page as index.html or index.htm or, if it contains PHP code, to index.php, through either the File Manager or an FTP client. Afterwards, clear your browser cache again and see if your website works.


Apparently it was just reset by something. Its been fixed.


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