404 Error on any domain on account

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404 Page Not Found

The page you were looking for could not be found! If you entered the URL manually, please double check what you’ve entered. If you clicked a button, please click the back button in your browser.

Other Information

I’m sorry, becasue other topic haved title that other from content in topic. So, I can’t even use sub-domain from InfinityFree. When I disabling cloudflare it’s keeps getting me 404 error


For subdomain a different folder is created and hosted separately. You would need to install whatever you are trying to host on subdomain from cpanel.

Rest I see your SSL Handshake Error due to cloudflare. If you have set up SSL on Infinity Cpanel change it to Strict from Flexible on Cloudflare side only if you have a ssl installed on your cpanel.


Thanks for help with SSL and 404 error, I will write here if something will go not alright. I changed it to full (Strict).

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Changing it to Full will not fix your SSL Error. You need to install a proper SSL Certificate using the InfinityFree SSL Tool. Until then, you need your Cloudflare setting on Flexible or Off.

As for your 404 error, have you created your own .htaccess file? If yes, please share its contents here; If no, have you got an index.html/index2.html/index.php file?


404 error resolved, but now here error with ssl sertificate, I’m trying to get now that by SSL tool at client area

I’ve got no current destination for _acme-challenge.www. I can’t set other destination becasue it’s tells that it’s invalid. So, I finished only _acme-challenge and it’s all.

In Cloudflare DNS section, Create CNAME
Paste the first value in NAME and the Second one in Target.

Name : _acme-challenge
Target: 3c9q0ct4emshqsmdzjax.acme.example.com
Proxy Status: DNS only

Make sure the CNAME does not have Orange Cloud on both records.


I’ve recreated account, still when I load Sngine it’s giving me 404 (when firstly installed test page worked)

I can’t get access to DNS section, becasue it’s locked by “partner” Byethost

Yes, you cannot add the CNAME records while using our Cloudflare integration.

Although if you’re happily with our Cloudflare integration otherwise, why even bother with the SSL certificates? Cloudflare sets up SSL for you automatically, so you can skip the SSL process on our end entirely.


The most error is 404 error page. On other host it’s working but at infinityfree - not.

Hey! Do you have a valid license for Sngine?
People will only help you if you have a valid license!


That is odd, because a 404 error is 100% always the consequence of a bad URL on your website. A well working website will not give any 404 errors anywhere. And if you see a 404 error, it’s an issue on your website.

Assuming the other host is using Linux too (which has case sensitive file and folder names, a common issue with developing on Windows), please verify all files have been uploaded successfully.


I think that problems have been in files, becasue when I upload other files it’s works. But thanks for help.

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