404 error in the internal links

Hi there,
I am getting a problem with the subcategory of the site’s internal links. Links are showing 404 error and the URLs showing are repeated two times. How to resolve this? Please help me asap.

it works on my end?? maybe just wait for another 10min and it will work?? possibly on dns migration

would you pls check in content “scrubs for the face” anchor where it is showing double Urls of like this “https://eanythingindian.com/beauty-ayurveda/skin-care/cleanser-scrubs/www.eanythingindian.com/beauty-ayurveda/skin-care/facewash/” instead of “https://eanythingindian.com/beauty-ayurveda/skin-care/cleanser-scrubs

Quick, semi related question: why are you asking this here? That website is not hosted with us, and I personally don’t even know which software you’re using, so I’m not sure how much luck you’ll have here regarding people who know and understand the software you’re using.

It’s not forbidden to ask questions like that here. But maybe you’ll have more luck finding the answers on a channel dedicated to the software you’re using.


Thanks for your concern.

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