403 Forbiden - Secondary subdomain automatically redirected to main subdomain

Hello, I have my main website ( https://ngrt.epizy.com ) and i have created a subdomain for this ( https://mirror.ngrt.epizy.com ). When I try to access on the mirror I have automatically redirected to my main website. I checked if I have redirections and it’s not the case.

for some reason I cannot access the subdomain

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im sorry please ignore this, i think there is
 an issue with this hospital wifi
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For me the subdomain works, having the issue the OP posted.

@anon6544274, make sure you don’t have a .htaccess rule that doesn’t redirect your subdomain to the main subdomain.


Now it’s a 403 error

I think my problem has been resolved.
I just created a .htaccess file and I uploaded an example index.html file and it worked! InfinityFree has protected her CDN.

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