403 forbidden

in my site http://www.sadacanvas.epizy.com I upload a file named as chat.php into “users” folder. but when I try to access the file then the browser redirected to the 403 FORBIDDEN page of InfinityFree.
http://sadacanvas.epizy.com/users/chat.php this is my page location… please help me to fix the problem.

hey pal, can you try renaming your file into other name not by the word “chat” as i think mod_security is blocking that word for some reason? not sure though :slight_smile:

I’m not sure it’s mod_security that’s blocking it, but it is being blocked on our servers. Chat scripts are not allowed on our hosting because they generate a really high server load with excessively making queries for new messages. However, renaming it should solve the problem.

Hi there,this happend because some websites scripts needs specific configuration to work with nginx aswell ,yeah its nginx

hope this help