403 Forbidden

my website does not work



Can you provide more elaborate explanation as why your site doesn’t work?
I visited it and got a 403 forbidden error which means that you probably set some perms that would restrict unauthorized access to your site.

What did you do to your site lately? Did you install some softwares probably and what software? Did you probably edited your .htaccess file?

Please provide more explanation.


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Bro, I dont really know what I did. I added some files couple of minutes ago.

What files did you upload?
Can you provide some screenshots about your files and even the contents in those files?

that .htaccess file gose crazy


this is the website

That’s just the error pages and nothing is wrong there, those error pages serves as a status informations sent to a client trying to access your site but will encounter error like Error 404 Not Found when someone access a file in your server that doesn’t exist. You can change those if you want.

oh, but whats wrong :frowning:

can I reinstall the default files?

Nothing is wrong with that .htaccess file but something is wrong with the files that you uploaded to your site, can you send a screenshot of the codes in your html file? It porbably has some codes in there that restricted public access.
Of maybe you set the perms to restrict public access.
Please check the perms of your file.

Make sure that the perms are set to Public Access.

Check the Read and Execute option.

can I reinstall the default files?

No need to ask the same question three times, please patiently wait.
You cannot reinstall those files if you already deleted.

But here is the default InfinityFree file which you can copy and paste it back to your server.

Hope this helps!

what is this

Didn’t you said you want to reinstall the defualt file?

Please next time I beg you stop replying with so small information and please provide a much more detailed info, I can’t just help you like this, you gotta help me too to narrow down this issue so I can help you better and understand your problem.
Don’t just say like "“My site is not working”.

Thank you.

hmm… if i delete the account and make a new one… Im einstein

buddy, it kind of worked



So do you need any further assistance?

hello! sorry for before…

I got my website work but need some help.

I added the video in the right, place?
but its not working


it just disappear from the folder