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My website URL is: odoruhouse(.)ga, odoruforum(.)ga (just remove (), because i can’t put on more 2 links)

What I’m seeing is: I register two domain on freenom and set their nameservers are ns1.epizy(.)com and ns2.epizy(.)com. Then I add odoruhouse.ga with account [epiz_24768469]
and odoruforum.ga with account [epiz_25283510]
However, Just odoruhouse.ga connected to epiz_24768469, another one are redirect to https://infinityfree.net/errors/403/ and ít say “The website’s configuration prevents you from accessing this page.”. I don’t understand why? Pls help me, thanks
P/s: I’m not good at English (In writing), Thanks.

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

Could you try uploading a web page to odoruforum.ga? It’s odd that it returns the 403 Forbidden page instead of a directory listing. But I’m quite sure both will work if you actually upload something to them.


Hm… I checked it on File Manager and it seem empty in htdocs folder?

Exactly. So could you try uploading something to it?


@Admin Nope. I just added it and wanted to see Directory list…

In most cases, an empty website will show a directory listing. But in some cases, it will return a 403 error instead. I would assume that this is caused by a .htaccess rule which disables directory listing, although I don’t see any .htaccess rules like that on your account. So either I’m overlooking a setting somewhere or there is some mysterious other factor which controls whether an empty domain will show a directory listing or 403 error.

But what I do know is that uploading an index file to the website does load that page.

So could you try to upload an index file to your website? It doesn’t have to be big, a simple index.html file with the content hello world should do. It at least will tell you whether your website works at all.

If that does work, and you really want to see the directory listing, you could also use a PHP script to do the directory listing for you. Just search the web, there are plenty of scripts to be found which can do this.

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