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Hello, i’am using infinity free to host my database (mysql) as well as my php files using a file manager from CPanel, the problem is that when i try to access my files from an app that m developping, it says “403 forbidden” although all the files that i ve uploaded in here are enabled in reading and writing.
What to do?

There is a security system that prevents bots access (even app access) to your website. If you’re asking, “How to disable it?”, then it’s not possible to disable it because it’s mandatory on all the websites.

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This is an intended restriction to enforce your website hosting account is actually used to host a website. Please see this article for more information:


Check your .htaccess is correctly set. 403 Forbidden can be issue with the .htaccess file.

No, it’s an issue with the security system, not with the .htaccess, as me and the Admin said.

Thanks a lot for clarifying this.

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