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403 forbidden error

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When I tried to visit my webiste bespoke-u.com, the website is not loaded and is showing 403 forbidden error. I have updated my nameservers as well.

Hi Kishan_1811,

Your website is accessible, please try again.



but now I am getting protocal error


When I tried to get a new SSL certificate it is showing the following error

Unable to login to your hosting account. Please verify you can login to the control panel from the client area, and reset your account password if this doesn’t work.

and even after logging in to the control panel the same error is coming.

Pleas help

Please read the error message in more detail:

Emphasis added on the important part.

You can login to the control panel using the details you have on file, but if you click the Control Panel button in the client area, you’ll see that it fails because the credentials are incorrect.

That’s because you have changed the hosting account password outside of the client area, so now the password in the client area is no longer correct.

Because of that, the client area doesn’t have the necessary access to your hosting account to do the automatic CNAME and SSL setup.

To fix that, you should:

Please reset your hosting account password through the client area to fix this. And please remember to never ever change the hosting account password through the change/reset password functionality of the control panel. You can see and edit your account password at any time through the client area, and changing the password will break many features, such as this one.


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