403 forbidden error

i’m trying to get some informations using ajax from a page, but it just returns 403 error…

I’m not hacking anyone, i’m not tryna do bad things, i’m just tryna get some user informations to show in a chat page.

i will wait for an answer…

Is the AJAX on the same website or from another website?

If it’s from another website (even if it only is another domain on the same account), note that it won’t work on free hosting. All CORS is on free hosting is blocked: https://infinityfree.net/support/javascript-error-using-api-or-mobile-android-app/

Yep, Ive checked the directory where the file was, and it wasn’t being listed…

apparently you don’t accept “chatdbz” neither “dbzchat”…

I’ve changed its name and it works, but I’m getting some errors with ajax, errors that didn’t occur on localhost. And I have no idea how to fix it

I don’t know what “some errors” means either. Can you please explain what you see exactly?

Apparently these errors are occuring with some SQL line, but I just made a copy pasta, so these errors couldn’t happen

Well, clearly these errors could happen, otherwise you wouldn’t be seeing them, don’t you think?

I’m happy to try and help you with this, but I need a bit more information about it than “there are errors which shouldn’t happen”. I don’t know your website, your pages or your code, so I’m sorry to say I don’t intuitively know what the issue is whenever you say there are “some errors”.

Can you please describe your exact observations, rather than your interpretations, of what you see? For example, what is the status code of the AJAX response? What is the response body? What are the errors being logged in your browser console?

I have a site hosted on Infinityfree, I added some links from my social networks, however when someone clicks on a link it opens a page with error 403

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