403 Forbidden - Configuration prevents etc

My website is https://nshade.me. It has an index.html page in the root directory

The chat program i am writing is straight php and javascript , nothing fancy and uses jchat.

https://inshade.me/dev loads just fine and allows you to login or create a new user (feel free to create a new user to test what i mean…all dummy data at the moment…)

but when you try to actually click on a username to chat to (like administrator or test…) these links actually open chat.php. which is located in the exact same subdirectory and it instantly calls the 403 forbidden error. truly stymied and would be grateful for anyone who can make a suggestion or take a look please.

is it about using a php object reference like $chat->blah? Totally confused

Files with name chat are forbidden to access on free hosting, and also chat scripts are forbidden on free hosting.


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