403 Error

Hello, My I recently just connected my domain Civilisationsmc.com to infinityfree. However, when I go to the website on my browser it gives me a 403 Forbidden error. I tried making a .htaccess file but im not sure if I have the right index file because I used the web builder.


Please share the .htaccess content


DirectoryIndex index.php index.php index.html index.htm

Well is there an index.php or index.html file?

Consider removing one of the duplicate index.phps.


There is an index.php but there are no duplicate ones.

I meant from the htaccess file, index.php seems to be repeated twice.


it could be that your domain is now pointing to a new directory on your hosting

check your ftp or InfinityFree’s file manager to see if this directory exists and you will need to move your website files from /htdocs into the new /civilisationsmc.com/htdocs directory


The .htacess file is in the /civilisationsmc.com/htdocs directory

That’s correct. But it’s also the only thing that’s there.

I see you’ve built your site with Site.pro. The easiest solution is to just login to the Site.pro builder and hit the Publish button again for your site. That will upload your files to the right location.

You can also delete the current .htaccess file if you want. It serves no purpose. You can tell the server that it should use index.php as the index file, but if there is no index.php file, it won’t make your website work.


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