403 Access denied

Hi, i am making w=website with login system but when i click changepassword or turn on 2fa authentification it gives 403 Access denied.
There is site link: http://botnet-server.42web.io/botnet/
There is link to chnage password php file that gives 403 access denied: http://botnet-server.42web.io/botnet/includes/updatePassword.php

Please help.

I changed the site now its:
Site link: http://botnet-server.42web.io/
403 file: http://botnet-server.42web.io/includes/updatePassword.php


Using the folder name “includes” for public access is not allowed. Only the server can access a folder titled “includes”. Try changing the folder name and see if you still get the error.


Can i make to it can be accessed because i need to rewrite all code if i rename the folder

And i cant go to http://botnet-server.42web.io/imgs/ too

It worked i just renamed and rewrited code! Thx!

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