32k+ daily hits, access logs not working

1 hour ago I received two mails from InfinityFree saying that my account (http://zdimension.ml) had been deactivated (“Your account was suspended with an unrecognized status code by our abuse detection system.”) and reactivated 2 minutes later (so it works now). But as I wanted to know if anything went wrong , I went to the cPanel and saw that I currently have 32885 of 50000 (66%) daily hits used on that website. Thus I tried to download the access logs on that domain, to see who is trying to get my site down. But the page doesn’t work, the “Day” field object is empty, and therefore I can’t download the logs.
Please, it would help me a lot to have these as I could block them in the .htaccess or in cPanel to prevent the account from being suspended.

19:04 (it was 17:19 at first deactivation) I just received a mail saying that the account has been deactivated.

14 minutes later it’s reactivated

The logs are stored in the logs folder in your account, so you can download them directly.

20:04 deactivated again

20:05 reactivated
Also I don’t have a logs folder

21:19 deactivated

You don’t need to post the timeline here, account status changes are logged and timed so I can just look them up.

As to why this suspension happens, I don’t know. It’s supposed to be a daily hits suspension but it’s weird and broken. I’ll try to get it checked.

Account has been deactivated for 15 hours, still no hints on why it happens?

@zdimension said:
Account has been deactivated for 15 hours, still no hints on why it happens?

There is a hint now: your account was suspended for getting too many hits. And unlike previous suspensions, it will not be reactivated now. You can view more information in your client area.