3 Server 1 Domain, Possible?

Ive discovered this Crazy idea but ive been testing it and it seems to be not working even tho it is so Realistic or mybe the DNS hasnt finished propagating but the Idea was :

I made 3 account on InfinityFree
named s1, s2, and s3.

Then ive connect a domain to s1 the domain is domain.com (example).
Then ive setup a website there and then i noticed ive ran outta Inodes, so i connect my domain to CLoudFlare and set A Record for subdomain sub1 of domain.com and points it to s2, then ive made a folder on s2 called sub1.domain.com and inside is the htdocs and then inside is the web, and i did the same on s3.

Will this work guys?

My Logic is :

The sub1 subdomain should display content from s2 while sharing the same TLD
So this way, we can have larger inodes to spare (15 x 20000).

Will this work?

No, that will not work. Hotlinking from free hosting accounts is not possible, so you cannot embed content from s2 or s3 on s1.

aw, okay, But will this work on premium acc?

@PlanetGamingGG said:
aw, okay, But will this work on premium acc?

Yes, hotlinking is supported on XVHOST. However, I’m not sure why you’d want that because the inode limit is 250,000 already.