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i have my app but dont know how to get the QR code to generate the instant login code, and i’ve lost the recovery code. please help me.

What app are you using?

Normally it would just show the 2FA password, no QR code needed

If you cannot use the 2FA app and lost the recovery code, no one can help you


The QR code was shown to you when you setup two factor authentication. It contains a token that you scan with your authenticator app. It’s only shown once and cannot be retrieved afterwards (without disabling and re-enabled 2FA).

The app generates a 6 digit code (based on the data from the QR code), known as the One Time Password. That’s the code you need to enter to login. You don’t need to store the QR code itself.

If you lost the authenticator app and don’t have the recovery codes, then you cannot login.


i use not the original computer device, but through my phone number and e-mail, i thought i’ve regain the app authentication, Authy asked me to add account, which need QR code.

I’m not using use the original device, but have saved my phone number and email in the Authy, i think i’ve regain the authenitcation to Authy, the original device is shown in Devices toghther with the present device. does that mean I lost the authenticator app or not?

Can you use the original device and enable this setting?



Authy has built-in backup and account transfer functionality. You can use that to transfer the accounts you’ve stored in Authy from your phone to your PC, or from your old phone to your new phone.

It’s been a while since I used Authy personally. But looking at the information from Authy, it doesn’t look like the Backup feature is enabled by default. You need to enable it manually (and setup an encryption password for it so Authy can’t access your credentials).

If the original device is lost, and you did not transfer the accounts from the old device, and you did not enable the backups, then your 2FA keys were lost when you lost the device.

And if you also lost the recovery codes, then you’ve lost access to the account.


I’m afraid not, that computer is not mine now.
thank you for your help.

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Thank you very much.

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