#2006: MySQL server has gone away

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#2006 MySQL server has gone away.

Long picture from phpMyAdmin

I sifted through the forum, but found nothing up-to-date or relevant.

I don’t use WordPress, I write my own code.

This error came from phpMyAdmin when executing a query which I have successfully executed before there. The query also works in php mysqli.

Try again after some hours, there is many reason that you could have getting that error that should be fixed after the wait and since you are able to run the query with php it shouldn’t be worrying.

Try the basics, such as clear your cache, use a different browser, use a VPN, ect.

According to the mysql dev site:
It states that this is because the connection has timed out. I am not very knowledgeable on MySQL, but something caused the server to time out from inactivity. The article has a suggested fix for changing the wait_timeout variable, but I don’t know if Infinityfree allows access to that. Instead, you could try googling answers for keeping a MySQL server open (or, when this happens, restart the connection).


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