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Apparently the Softaculous iFastNet uses for free hosting have cPanel’s APIs (IDK whether it’s the UAPI or the API 2, looks like UAPI to me but then why we have the X3 theme) working:


this looks like fun :smiley:


recently I asked chatgpt for a fractional approximation to pi and it got the answer wrong twice

I was sure in my mind that even though its a language model it should be able to do math so today I asked this

there you go, it thinks it can do math but it cant


I believe Softaculous on free hosting is frankensteined on the hosting through cPanel. Softaculous thinks it’s talking to cPanel, but the files and databases are actually written through to the free hosting system.

I’m not sure why it works like that when Softaculous also has a custom panel API, but maybe that didn’t exist yet when Softaculous was first integrated, and there was no reason to switch over to the direct integration.


I think it’s time for me to rework the directory structure of my theme so it don’t eventually became a nightmare to find anything for me (It currently looks like this and it’s already hard for me to find something):

So templates files like carousel.php can go into templates, functions.php can get chunked up and have separate files like includes/customize.php, includes/sidebars.php, and blah blah blah

Also download all the 10+ font chunks from Google Fonts and dump them into the fonts folder to keep safe with GDPR

Maybe add more sidenotes into the code so I won’t got lost with my own code one day (That happened a lot)

BTW I recently figured out why comment-reply.js isn’t taking any effect at all — it turns out that Rocket Loader from CloudFlare break it completely. So do not enable something if you don’t know what it is for.


I think that InfinityFree is the biggest if not the only source of information for ifastnet (as a kind of debugging tool).

We are the first to discover problems or wrong decisions on IFN.
I imagine what it would be like without this forum,
it would be difficult to discover a lot, and much more difficult for the users themselves to express the problem.

Through contact with IFN support or email, it would be difficult to see any trend and to be able to know if something has gone crazy, especially if these messages end up individually with various help agents who do not communicate with each other.

Members from the US - is everything ready?


Preliminary support for dark mode :partying_face:

As a reminder to me, check Cloudflare cache before attempting to waste more QUIC.cloud CCSS quota :upside_down_face:


Screenshot 2024-04-05 191831

Screenshot 2024-04-05 191513


Yes! I will make sure to stare at the beautiful eclipse!
I am joking of course


Yup. Going to play the game of “do camera lenses get damaged by prolonged exposure to the sun”


Gonna be cloudy where I live lol.


I made a Notification creator android app. Kep in mind you need your own app icons to use it. 6.41 MB file on MEGA

yesterday I was working on a customers windows 11 laptop

I have been testing system components, removing ram and wifi cards so was shutting down and starting up windows many times

Now this time when I try to login with the 4 digit pin code I am greeted by a popup message stating that login via pincode has been disabled for 2 hours because windows has been shutdown too many times !!!

so now microsoft are putting a limit on how often you can turn off your computer ! i’ve never seen anything so moronic

I had to wait 2 hours before I was able to login and continue testing the laptop

there is some kind of sickness taking over microsoft (and apple), im glad I switched to linux after windows 7 :smiley:


That’s truly an a**h*le

But I still think that as long as you can go to BIOS, disable secure boot, boot from USB with some Windows PE tool kits on it, you can just remove the whole password sh*t with tools.

It’s GNU/Linux

A good choice anyways, but things are really controversial here at China — governments have plans to roll out a Chinese distro (Kylin / Deepin / UOS / whatever) to all devices, but the thing is many people including me disliked those distros. Nobody wants to get forced to install a lot of Chinese junks on their computers :expressionless:


Microsoft (windows) and samungs phones are the best :smiley: , I’m not that big fan of the macos, iphones, I had iphone a long time ago, and I’m not switching to that again , the battery at the beginning was very good but after some time the battery
started to show how bad actually it is, I have samsung galaxy s22, 2 years now… and I can say proudly the battery is still good, and it can go to 1 day and half without charging it.


That’s perfectly fine with me
it got locked due to several incorrect pin entries

It is a safety measure !

You can also log in to gmail (google) with a win pin
so they are not harmless things that could be easily bypassed

Screenshot 2024-04-06 094922

Maybe the forecast will change by then,
but you should definitely see the difference in the light and the colors will be different, the difference in temperature as well, but maybe not so much if there are clouds because they are an insulator (like a blanket).


the popup message stated that I had either entered the pin incorrectly too many times or windows had been shut down too often

well I know that I didn’t enter the pin incorrectly so it must be for the other reason “shut down too often” and that’s whats annoying

microsoft are filling their os with useless crap and its getting annoying because I have to repair customers stuff

I cant even install a fresh windows 11 these days with a local account as that’s been blocked now and only online accounts are allowed

I have to install it using a microsoft email account that I had to create and then create another local user as admin and then logout and login to the new user and remove the online account, so windows will allow a local account but only if you install with an online account ! so why remove the option from the installation ? this is just stupidity

oh and why did they add SHIFT CTRL WINDOWS ALT L keyboard shortcut to LinkedIn ?

Microsoft make me crazy :crazy_face:



The error message “This sign-in option is disabled because of failed sign-in attempts or repeated shutdowns” can occur in Windows operating systems when certain conditions are met. Let’s explore some possible reasons and solutions:

  1. Failed Sign-In Attempts:
  • If you repeatedly sign in with an incorrect password or PIN, Windows might disable the sign-in option. This is a security measure to protect your data.
  • Solution: Wait for a couple of hours without attempting to sign in. Windows will automatically re-enable the sign-in option.
  1. Repeated Shutdowns:
  • Frequent system shutdowns (due to power cuts or other reasons) can trigger this error.
  • Solution: Keep your computer powered on for at least 2 hours. Afterward, try signing in again.
  1. Corrupted Windows Files:
  • Corrupted system files can also lead to this issue.
  • Solution: Repair your Windows files by running specific commands to resolve the issue.
  1. Forgot Your Password or PIN:
  • If you’ve forgotten your password or PIN, you can unblock your access.
  • Solution:
    • Click on “I forgot my PIN.”
    • Follow the prompts to reset your PIN using your Microsoft account.
    • Set a new PIN to regain access.
  1. Account Lockout:
  • Sometimes, an account can be locked out due to multiple failed sign-in attempts.
  • Solution:
    • Open the Local Users and Groups snap-in (type lusrmgr.msc in the Run dialog).
    • Locate the user account with the issue.
    • Uncheck the “Account is locked out” option in the account properties.

Remember, keeping your device powered on for a while or following the steps above should help resolve the sign-in issue.