10000 forum users celebration - special event

I used this technique for making a DDoS tool.

In which you used multiple web workers to send fetch requests?

It would be better to rent a VPS and use Go to send multiple concurrent http requests to the server :slight_smile:

Still, mine dominates because it uses Typed Arrays :smiley:

I been thinking about how some people are here on this topic more than others…
Just a thought :thinking: :thought_balloon:

It depends on what you mean by “on-topic”.

I meant that some people reply here more than any other topic combined. Just a thought I had on this boring day scrolling threw here.

mhm, cuz IDK much about cloudflare and stuff. If someone asked something about JS, I would almost certainly help them (if it’s vanillajs and not anything else, tho, cuz I don’t do libraries or frameworks).

Ah, makes sense. HTML and CSS are what I know best, and you can find some dumb answers from me on other topics if your search my profile (please don’t do that).

Challenge accepted.



Sorry Admin, that huge drop in Ad revenue today must be from me.

XD, my Dad blocks ad services.

Can’t do anything about it, anyways :confused:

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When will this thread die down… tis a big thread! :grimacing: :flushed: :astonished:

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Why do you wait for it?

why my css no work :angry: :angry:

Fix it?

it isn’t broken
here, check https://www.celixhost.ml

Looking at the css code this is how it is supposed to work.

u confused me…

Are you and ItsGamingTube related? Both of your sites seam to be this celixhost thing. BayoDino meant that your CSS is supposed to do what it is doing, I can check it out in a PC later to verify though. You can try clearing your cache.

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It is doing its job, from the looks of it.

<div class="section1"></div>

Ewwwww, use <section> instead :angry:

It is called

s e m a n t i c s

why my css no work :angry: :angry:

What doesn’t “work”?

You’d think someone with a regular member status would know this :unamused: