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VPN and TOR is blocked - you can come but not be “anonymous”

Nothing personal - but the last few months I have a lot of unwanted traffic and scans
so I block everything that is not residential IPs

IPs in general are classified as datacenter or residential. That data is linked to the IP itself when it is registered to whoever bought it.
Datacenter IPs, as per the name, are used in datacenters and a lot of the time, that means it’s used for some online operations of a business.

Residential IPs on the other hand are used primarily by residential ISPs for their customers at home. Think Verizon, AT&T, Bell, Rogers, etc.

When a website looks at an IP, it will heavily favor those classified as residential because there are assurances that come with that. It only belongs to a residential ISP, it’s not used by many, many people, and there is a very high chance that the traffic from them is harmless.

Compare that with a data center IP where anyone can rent a server and do anything on it. Datacenters are where most botting and scripting attacks come from and the chances that it’s just a normal person browsing the web from a data center IP is very low.

Residential IPs are much more valuable. They are, after all, reserved for people in their residences. As such, they are almost never blocked by websites, they get around captchas, they don’t trigger security alerts, etc.