10000 forum users celebration - special event

I guess those skills got you through college pretty well :rofl:

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Wow, those are some life experiences to have @Oxy!

@Thewebuser22, you cannot even view the vids in search? Wow…

Why don’t you make some sort of browser-in-browser website fo yourself?


Here: Bash Browser Executable Selection Experiment - Replit

Whenever I post the link as a separate window, for some reason it disappears :frowning:


Now bad, it works well enough for you to get un-filtered results and some YT vids


They have a built-in filtering DNS, but it is just the bare necessities of filtering (porn, illegal sites, bad stuff that really no one should see).

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Do you want to annoy people? Open the video for the FTP tutorial, and play it with the volume at max and .25 speed!


New vid:

Dion Timmer again! I thought I didn’t post Lost, but apparently I did :slight_smile:

Next one possibly comes out tmrrw! Bet yall can’t wait!


That one is really good!

Listen to the first 25 seconds of the CNAME video tutorial, and tell me what you think about music timing.



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And the best part that I did not do it on purpose. I finished the video, then found the audio, so it is 100% a coincidence. I so love it when things like that happen.

Has something like that ever happened to you?

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Oh wait, that was yours?

I love it when the beat drop or something like that lines up with the potholes my van drives over :slight_smile:

A real banger, at that 'mate.

Btw, found this:

Ah yes, hardstyle >:)

And, uh,


Is this daily losses or combined till now?
If combined till now, lol so less loss!

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This is soooo weird, whenever I run my compiled Go executable by clicking it on the start page, it just returns the directory listing for Windows\System32.

No, I do not believe I have a virus. When I click on the execuctable to run it from the folder location it is in, it runs perfectly.

Here’s what it looks like:

Well, wish me luck guys! I am going to learn C/C++ and then dive into X86 architecture!!!

:sob: :smile:

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New song is here:


Hope ya like hardstyle for the latter :slight_smile:


do people still remember me?

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I remember - WB :slight_smile:


probably the path you need to add to the WIN
is not valid (for this compiler)
maybe you miss ; or something like that

Total !

The more modern the warfare, the fewer casualties there are
because you no longer have battles like before where soldiers walk upright to the beat of drums while the other side takes them off like clay pigeons.

it goes somehow - thanks for asking :slight_smile:
How are you?

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Hi OxyDac, seein ya after a long time, How are you doin?

same lol, kinda stressin out with a few exams


Here is one item I have as a keepsake
I should polish it so it is golden in color… the patina has caught on over time.

203 mm (8 inches) heavy artillery - shell case

this is what it should look like until it is fired


your catto is really cute,and I still remember you trying to vacuum the cat lol